I think I’m just going to keep a running update on this post of the WIPs of this.

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Nine years makes a lot of difference. That 2005 picture was the first drawing I was genuinely proud of. And now… so much better.

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I shall be at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this year as well!

Come visit me at table S04! I’ll be sharing it with Sue Withers, aka musebugsart.

And finally, I finished another Mass Effect poster!
Kasumi Goto this time, and she turned out great!

All the ‘miscellaneous’ buttons I’ll have at ECEE. Including the entire Pacific Rim set!

I shall be at the Edmonton Expo!

Edmontonstucks, come see me for free Homestuck buttons and stickers!

One of my all-time favourite poems, from the webcomic Dresden Codak. It’s wistful and yet sorta dark, I love it.

More variations on the Portal button designs. These include the ‘bleeds’ necessary for the button-maker, making the design look smaller in the middle.

More Kaiju button designs!

More Kaiju button designs!

And Thane now too!

Had him partly done, decided to finish up. He was easier to do than Mordin, thanks to his ‘hard’ shapes.

First half-dozen button designs for a Pacific Rim set.

Tried to go minimalistic. I’ll probably do some of the other kaiju and maybe one or two of the non-main Jaegers if I can find good reference pictures.

Mordin’s up next!

He’s tricky, with the subtle colouring - I don’t feel I really did him justice with this one. Simplifying subtle patterns is difficult.

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Woo, Circular Gallifreyan!

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